Providing solutions to surface problems

Blakedown are specialists in designing and constructing all-weather, natural sports surfaces. From initial concept to drawings and detailed specifications, we are poised to evaluate and design your project, offering bespoke solutions such as cut & fill, laser grading, draining, sub soil, irrigation and root-zone formation.

We also know that maintaining modern natural sports turf requires technical solutions.

If you have problems with:

  • Poor aeration
  • Badly compacted soil
  • A badly draining surface
  • Poor quality grass sward
  • Reduced usage due to the above

Our team of experts can banish these issues for good!

Our services range from full construction of new projects to seasonal pitch renovation.

We can build and renovate:

  • Free-draining soccer and rugby pitches
  • Cricket squares
  • Golf greens and tees
  • Crown and flat bowling greens
  • Multi-pitch sports complexes

Our services include:

  • Major earthworks
  • Laser grading
  • Drainage and irrigation drainage blankets
  • Macro and micro slitting
  • Stone burying and removal
  • Cultivation
  • Root-zone amelioration
  • Over-seeding
  • Top-dressing
  • Verti-draining
  • Unique and non-disruptive micro-slitting
  • Three-tier draining systems
  • Sports-turf fertilisers
  • Maintenance and aftercare

In addition:

  • We can provide all-weather facilities complete with floodlights, fencing, car parking, pathways and associated landscaping.
  • The Blakedown Group has a strong commitment to quality and has won several BALI awards for its landscape projects.
  • We have achieved the quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and continually strive to improve policies and quality systems within the group.

Any questions? Contact Us to discuss your requirements.