For a naturally beautiful future

At Blakedown, we seek to positively improve the environment, both for people and wildlife. By regenerating neglected urban areas, we breathe new life into the landscape, creating public parks and gardens where plants, animals and humans all thrive together.

Our sensitive approach means we work with the environment, not against it. Our mission is to not just safeguard, but actively enhance the natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Our services include:

  • Regeneration of inner city Environments
  • Carry out a survey of your site and provide a full environmental report.
  • Excavate contaminated material.
  • Create ponds, lakes and wildlife habitats, including wetlands and reed beds.

We can create:

  • Nature reserves
  • Ponds, wetlands and reed beds
  • Country parks
  • Urban public gardens
  • Cycleways, bridleways and footpaths

Our environmental policy

  • Blakedown constantly strives to reduce and recycle waste products.
  • We use sustainable and environmentally responsible suppliers and products wherever possible.
  • We minimise CO2 emissions and employ energy-saving measures on all our premises.
  • We at Blakedown believe in sustainable development, thus everything we do is geared towards ensuring a lasting natural environment for future generations. This is why we are proud to have our Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001: 2008 certificate.

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