On the right track and up to speed

Surface matters

As athletes get faster, leap higher, race longer, so the surfaces they use must also go the distance. Today, the most serious competitions take place on synthetic tracks made from resilient polymeric materials, designed to be perfectly flat, stable and long-lasting.

Blakedown’s range of track surfaces meet International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) standards. We can supply tracks to suit all manner of requirements in terms of performance and budget, whether you’re a school, local club or major athletics venue.

So which surface?

Porous Athletic Track

  • A soft system providing an ideal training surface for top athletes and a competition surface for schools and clubs. Approved by the IAAF.
  • Offers an economical system designed for up to 50,000 users per annum.
  • Built on an engineered foundation, it is made of a base layer of polyurethane bound-rubber granules, overlaid with a spray coat of coloured EPDM (ethylene propylene diene-modified) rubber granules and colour pigmented polyurethane.

Sandwich Athletic Track

  • This harder, non-porous system uses the same base construction as a porous track, but the surface is finished with a coloured EPDM rubber granulated cast and then a polyurethane top coat.
  • Meeting the IAAF standards, this system is designed for up to 100,000 users per year.

Solid Athletic Track

  • This solid, impervious, durable system is a premier product designed to meet the highest IAAF standards for international athletics meetings.
  • The surface of three polyliquid layers is given a textured finish using specially formulated, coloured EPDM rubber granules.
  • As constructed by Blakedown at Manchester for the 2004 AAA Championships.

In addition:

As a civil engineering company, we can undertake new-build projects, from initial excavation through to the white lining, fencing, floodlighting and track equipment.

We are also highly experienced in surface refurbishment and replacement of existing tracks and associated facilities.

With the majority of the construction being carried out by our own in-house workforce you will have our full attention and expertise from start to finish.

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