Keeping our eye on the ball

Surface matters

Watch a game of hockey these days and you’ll be amazed by the speed at which the ball flies around. It wasn’t always so dynamic: artificial grass has improved this particular sport more than any other, and is widely used around the globe.

Blakedown has been constructing top-quality hockey facilities for over 20 years and offers a range of high-specification carpets to suit any level, from amateur to international.

The shorter yarn used for hockey pitches has led to faster passing, precise ball control and slick techniques, while the turf’s comfortable cushioning reduces the likelihood of injury.

The most popular surfaces for hockey are sand-dressed and water-based, but sand-filled is also an option, particularly if the pitch is to be used for multi-sports.

So which surface?

Water-based artificial grass

  • The premier choice for professional and national hockey clubs worldwide.
  • The carpet is normally well irrigated, guaranteeing top ball speed and superb durability.
  • We offer nylon, Special Polymer Fibres (SPF), Low Sliding Resistance (LSR), knitted and tufted yarn with both monofilament and fibrillated options.
  • The water-based surface should be laid over a shockpad.
  • Our LSR carpets have a very low water requirement

Sand-dressed artificial grass

  • “Sand-dressed” means the game is played on the pile of the carpet as opposed to the sand, which reduces ball bounce.
  • Our product is available in both “knit de knit” fibrillated and LSR monofilament yarns.
  • Knit de knit is non-directional, thus the ball rolls freely over the pile.
  • We offer various yarn types, pile heights and faceweights depending on budget, usage and performance spec.

Sand-filled artificial grass

  • This surface is best suited to pitches used for multi-sports, including hockey, football and tennis at a recreational level.
  • Available in a number of pile heights, the carpet can be laid on different depths of shockpad depending on the sports application.
  • We offer polypropylene (PP) or LSR yarn to cater for a range of budgets and project specifications.

The complete package:

As part of Blakedown’s turnkey service we can provide floodlighting, fencing and equipment, we can construct access roads, build car parks or landscape the area to complete your project.

With the majority of the construction being carried out by our own in-house workforce you will have our full attention and expertise from start to finish.

Any questions? Contact Us to discuss your requirements.